FELS Newest Subscriber Benefit 
is Headache Relief - FELS+FieldClock+Harvust: 

  • FieldClock, designed to handshake seamlessly with Harvust
  • Built by farmers, for farmers. Simple data collection in the field, paired with easy data management in the office.
  • Punch cards and timesheets are a thing of the past. Simple badging takes care of two birds with one stone: clocking employees in and out as well as recording production. Data are immediately saved to hand-held devices, then synced with FieldClock servers, accessible via the Admin site almost instantly.
  • On the administrative portal you’ll find all the tools to effectively manage any size operation.
    • View field costs & productivity.
    • Grant role & field-based permissions.
    • Integrate with your specific payroll such as Kronos, Compu-Tech or Farmers Office.
    • View labor and production stats in real-time.
  • FieldClock works on iOS and Android; no proprietary hardware; works on mobile apps.
  • FELS Newsletter subscribers can receive $500 off setup of FieldClock Pro and $1000 off setup for FieldClock Complete.



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Tuesday – Sept 12th – 10AM AM

  • Harvust is long-time FELS partner and winners of the 2021 American Farm Bureau Entrepreneur of the Year Award, is designed to handshake seamlessly with FieldClock. 
    • Harvust: hire farm employees in a fraction of the time.
    • Send your hiring packet and safety orientations with an online web app.
    • Fills in information from scanned IDs or previous hiring with records you can trust. Stop worrying about costly I-9 errors.
    • Bulletproof e-signature software and audit trails that mean you’ll have no problems in case of an audit. 
    • Data works with the rest of your system, providing you instant access to all your records through an easy to use web app.
    • Export everything to integrate with your time-tracking, payroll, and other human resource management systems. 
    • Stop hiring people just so you can hire people. Hiring farm employees with Harvust is fast. It keeps everyone happy by spending less time on paperwork. Getting new hires into the field faster is better for everyone.
Register Here for the FREE Webinar

Tuesday – Sept 12th – 10AM AM

FELS + HARVUST + FIELDCLOCK - Please join us for this FREE webinar demonstrating the power of this partnership and cloud management of your time-and-attendance, field production, hiring and personnel communications and how to access this exclusive benefit for FELS Newsletter subscribers.